Tesmi Habesha's Unique Flavor Experience

Discover the rich heritage and captivating flavors of Tesmi Habesha, the East African Seasoned Ghee that will elevate your culinary journey. Indulge in the first original “Tesmi” made with premium Dutch Butter, a testament to our commitment to quality and taste.

At Tesmi Habesha, we believe that every meal should be a delightful adventure that tantalizes your taste buds and transports you to the vibrant streets of East Africa. Our seasoned ghee is meticulously crafted using a traditional recipe passed down through generations, ensuring an authentic and unforgettable flavor experience.

Taste of Tesmi Habesha

Tesmi Habesha, our handcrafted “Habesha Ghee” seasoned with traditional expertise since 1887, is like coming home to the savory, nutty flavors of Eritrea and Ethiopia, a culinary journey to share with friends and family, transporting your taste buds to the Horn of Africa with every bite.

Tesmi Habesha brings you seasoned ghee from the highlands of Eritrea and Ethiopia made from Premium Dutch butter. 

Infused with the best aromatic spices and herbs from all over the world, such as cardamom, clove, fenugreek and turmeric, our ghee will transport your taste buds to the Horn of Africa with every bite.


A Taste of East Africa in Every Bite

Handcrafted “Habesha Ghee”, seasoned the traditional way. since 1887. Experience the savory, nutty flavors of Eritrea and Ethiopia. A culinary journey to feel at home and share with friends and family.

Best Ingredients

We take pride in using only the finest ingredients for our Tesmi Habesha. Our commitment to quality means that we source and select the very best products to create the exceptional flavors you love.

Our Story

Dr Qemem’s Tesmi Habesha

At DrQemem, freshness isn’t just a promise; it’s a way of life. We take great pride in knowing our farmers personally and even visiting the cows that produce the butter used in Tesmi Habesha. This direct connection to our sources ensures not only the freshest ingredients but also a genuine understanding of the quality and care that goes into every product we create. Your trust in us is built upon this deep-rooted commitment to excellence.


Made with love, our family recipe since 1887

Tradition and commitment to quality defines our culinary heritage. For generations, we have cherished and perfected this cherished recipe, ensuring that each batch carries the warmth, care, and authenticity that comes from being a part of our family legacy for over a century. When you savor our products, you’re not just enjoying a meal; you’re tasting a piece of history, made with love and passed down through the ages.